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General Scam Warnings and Updates

New Scams

Dreams Foreclosed: Saving Older Americans From Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Source: National Consumer Law Center
Content Type: Article
An overview of foreclosure rescue scams and legal challenges against the scams.

ID Theft

Consumer guide to ID Theft Source: National Consumer Law Center
Content Type: PDF Article
Consumer Facts for Older Americans, Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Postal Inspection Service
Source: United States Postal Inspection Service
Content Type: Website
This site contains an updated list of scams, on going investigations and other consumer awareness information.

Automobile Fraud

Automobile Fraud, 2007
Source: National Consumer Law Center
Content Type: For Purchase Manual
Advocates’ guide to what they need to obtain rescission, treble damages, $1500 statutory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees for numerous types of automobile frauds. Includes sample complaints, discovery requests, class action pleadings, jury instructions and much more. ($110, 636 pages).

Return to Sender: Getting Refund or Replacement for Your Lemon Car
Source: National Consumer Law Center
Content Type: For Purchase Manual
A consumer focused guide on how to return a defective vehicle to the manufacturer. ($16)

FTC Consumer Protection/Information
Source: Federal Trade Commission
Content Type: Website
Site includes consumer publications on specific automobile topics: Buying a Car, Financing, Leasing or Renting and Maintenance.

Healthcare Fraud

Fraud Prevention and Detection
Source: US Department of Health and Human Resources Office of Inspector General
Content Type: Website
Advisory opinions, alerts, with instructions, enforcement actions and instructions on reporting fraud.

Senior Medicare Patrol Program
Source: National Consumer Protection Technical Resource Center
Content Type: Website
Information for all state SMPs, a resource library (registration required) and updated information on the investigation of health care fraud.