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Model Approaches

Florida Standards for Legal Service Delivery to Older Americans
Source: NLRC
Content type: PDF
Example of standards for the delivery of legal assistance developed by the Florida Model Approaches project.

Landmarks and Accomplishments of Model Approaches Phase 1 and Phase 2
Source: ACL/AoA
Content type: Excel Spreadsheet
This spread sheet contains a comprehensive summary all of the landmarks and accomplishments of Model Approaches to Legal Service Delivery grantees. The information is listed by state and category.

Legal Needs of Adults in Rural Communities
Source: University of Maine Center on Aging Content
Content type: Excel Spreadsheet
Graphic analysis of legal needs study in Maine.

Comprehensive listing of senior legal needs studies
Source: CERA
Content type: Web page
A core of every model approaches project as an assessment of the legal needs of older adults in the community. This web site contains a collection of many legal needs studies from a variety of states. These reports are a solid source of data and also serve as a guide in developing legal needs assessments.

Iowa Legal Assistance Program Best Practices 2009

Iowa Legal Needs Study
Source: Iowa Department of Aging
Content type: Pdf document
Report and survey materials on the Iowa legal needs study