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News Stories

Transforming Advanced Illness Care in America (09/29/2015)
Knowing and Improving Your Credit Score (09/14/2015)
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Blog on Age Discrimination in Employment(07/16/2015)
Seniors & the Law - A Guide for Maturing Californians (07/16/2015)
New York Times reports 'We Need a Role Reversal in the Conversation on Dying'(04/29/2015)
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Home modifications for universal access(03/23/2015)
Disability Transportation Programs(03/23/2015)
Preventing Elder Abuse by Caregivers(03/23/2015)
Wings Awards 2015(03/23/2015)
Jamaican Lottery Scam(03/09/2015)
Identity Theft In the Emergency Room(03/09/2015)
Sweepstakes Swindle(03/09/2015)
Ethics Opinion a Lawyer Help a Client with Diminished Capacity revoke a Power of Attorney(03/09/2015)
Lottery Scam Results in Loss of a Home(03/09/2015)
Lessons from the Astor Elder Abuse Case(03/09/2015)
Consumer Fact Sheet on Avoiding Scams(03/09/2015)
2015 Long Term Care Ombudsmen regulations(03/09/2015)
The Coming Collision Between Autonomous Vehicles and the Liability System(03/06/2015)
Is It Legal To Record With A Hidden Camera?(03/06/2015)
Video Surveillance in a Nursing Home(03/06/2015)
Technology for Aging in Place: 2015 Market Overview(03/06/2015)
Fighting Social Security Fraud(03/06/2015)
Trends in Aging: Wearable Tech and Sensors for Seniors(03/06/2015)
Technology for Aging in Place(03/06/2015)
Technology for Adaptive Aging: The Impact of Technology on Living Environments for Older Adults(03/06/2015)
Wearable Technology Helps Seniors Live At Home Longer(03/06/2015)
Aging in Place Gadgets(03/06/2015)
2015 New Final Regulations on Long Term Care Ombudsmen Programs(03/06/2015)
Scammed? Now what...(03/06/2015)
Why Is It So Hard for Doctors to Talk to Patients About Death?(03/06/2015)
CFPB Resources on Home Ownership(01/29/2015)
2014 Guardianship State Legislative Update(01/27/2015)
Combatting Elder Abuse(01/27/2015)